GLIDE: dual glide/portamento buffer for Eurorack synthesisers (4HP)
The return of the dual glide buffer - get all wibbly-wobbly with your control voltages.Unlike similar modules such as the ADSR or DV3, this module has a single pot which controls the slew of an incoming signal - this means that both attack and decay will be approximately equal. Two ranges are offered, one 'short' (uses a 330nF capacitor) and the other 'long' (uses a 2.2uF capacitor) - these yield maximum attack/decay times of around 0.4s and 2.2s, respectively. If you're handy with a soldering iron and are confident with surface-mount componentry then you can swap these out if they're not quite doing it for you.Note that feeding audio signals through this module will have little or no discernable effect - the capacitors are far too large to cope with signal changes at audio rates.100% hand-made with surface-mount components, the panels are laser-cut and engraved 3mm perspex in opaque black.Mounting hardware (M3x10 machine screws) and a power cable are also supplied.