MittiPlus - Pre-Bath 'Body & Face' pack - Yogi's Herbs
We take pride in introducing another naturally wonderful product ‘MittiPlus’ that combines the goodness of Mutlani Mitti and 18 varieties of organic herbs, roots and powders, traditionally used for Body Fragrance, Beauty, Skin Care and Bath. MittiPlus is Suitable for both Men and Women. For Women MittiPlus offers remarkable benefits as herbal 'Pre-Bath Body & Face pack' in the natural cleansing and glow of skin. For Men it is a good idea to use MittiPlus as an 'Aftershave Face Pack' for a cool & fresh feel, skin care and for a bright looking face. Worth Trying ! MittiPlus is Natural, Safe and Effective. Makes a good gift for the loved ones. Enjoy the benefits of a naturally good product. Direction for use: Take the required amount of powder and mix it with water to make a paste and rub it all over the body like soap, leave it for about 5- 10 minutes and then take bath. There is no need to use soap after that. For dry skin MittiPlus can be mixed with milk and water. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY Continue reading