Premium Arugampul / Bermuda Grass
Ingredients: Natural Organic Arugampul Grass. Other Names: Bermuda grass, Cynodon dactylon, Dūrvā grass, Dhoob,Dubo, Dog’s tooth grass, Bahama grass, couch grass, Indian doab, Arugampul, Grama and Scutch grass. Traditional Uses: Detox, Improves Immunity, Effective remedy for Hyper Acidity, Obesity and Cholesterol. Quality: We offer Premium Quality Arugampul Powder, properly processed as per the GMP standards. Special care is taken to use the fresh and pure ingredients, the herbs are properly cleansed and processed as per the traditional / authoritative texts / methods to retain its natural aroma, color, taste, purity and effectiveness and maintaining the quality. Worth Trying. Direction for use: Mix one spoon (5 g) of Arugampul powder in a glass of water, filter and drink preferably on empty stomach in the morning. Packing: 100 g (Net weight) Continue reading