Real Time Ray Tracing to be soon adopted by several game developers- Says Nvidia
Press Release SAN FRANCISCO—Game Developers Conference—March 18, 2019—NVIDIA today announced several developments that reinforce NVIDIA GeForce GPUs as the core platform that allows game developers to add real-time ray tracing effects to games. The announcements, which build on the central role Microsoft DirectX Ray Tracing (DXR) plays in the PC gaming ecosystem, include: ● Integration of real-time ray tracing into Unreal Engine and Unity, the world's most popular commercial game engines. ● NVIDIA is adding ray tracing support to GeForce GTX GPUs (1), giving developers a massive installed base of tens of millions of gamers. ● The introduction of NVIDIA GameWorks RTX, a comprehensive set of tools and rendering techniques that help game developers add ray tracing to games. ● New games and experiences that showcase real-time ray tracing such as Dragonhound, Quake II RTX and others. "When programmable shaders were introduced more than 15 years ago, they changed gaming forever. Today,