Best mechanical switches for Gaming | | Xtremegaminerd
Introduction Mechanical keyboards are fun to use and they are best when it comes to increasing the performance in any particular task you want to do. I have been using different types of mechanical keyboards for years and they are so addictive that I don't like to use membrane keyboards anymore. The first mechanical keyboard I bought was with the Blue switches and it was very noisy but at the same time, it was premium in feel. I also wanted to try other switches such as Red and Brown, therefore I bought some of these keyboards from different manufacturers. But using all of them simultaneously gave me the answer to which keyboard is the best for gaming. The Mechanism I have recently posted an article on membrane vs mechanical switches for those who never used a mechanical keyboard before and there I have explained the mechanism of a mechanical switch which doesn't need to be explained here again. So, go and check that out if you want to know the basics. But what I am going to explain