Ghana: African Continental MA/JPIC Assembly
The Assembly began with the Eucharist presided by Fr. George Angmor, SVD, provincial of Ghana. In his homily, he shared that “As the Father sent me, even so I sent you”. Accepting this call and recognizing our responsibility as MA/JPIC coordinators, JPIC coordinators are asked to recommit to the cause of justice and peace in Africa. He highlighted that togetherness of the apostles in the upper room, their being behind closed doors because of fear. He said that we may ask ourselves at this moment in our lives as individuals or as a group, what are the fears that are engulfing me/us? He further remarked that as JPIC coordinators we know how difficult it can be to fight for justice and experience threat to our own lives just like Sr. Veronika Rackova who was brutally killed in South Sudan. So the need of the hour is our communion within our congregation, and other partners, and pooling our resources together to work for justice and peace.