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WHOLE BODY RESET with Dr. Tim Weeks, Tanmaya, and Gaya The Prana Clinic is thrilled to present a brand new wellness program, collaborating with the brilliant Dr. Tim Weeks – holistic physician, nutrition expert, and chiropractor. The program combines several cutting-edge tools to offer a wholesome experience that deeply resets the body, the 'fuel' it's driving on, and sets it up for a fresh start. This 5 and a half day process is carefully designed to deeply cleanse the blood & colon, Shift the body from burning sugars and storing fats into a 'fat burnering machine' ("ketosis" & "intermittent fasting"), and turn on the natural healing forces within ("autophagy"). This process is all about raising the body's energy and recharging the 'human battery' on the cellular level. The Whole Body Reset follows a scientifically proven nutritional protocol, consisting of 100% organic cold-pressed juices and high-quality fats, a combination designed to reap the benefits of full
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