White Cottage Kitchen Renovation Reveal | White Cottage Home & Living
It's reveal time for my white cottage kitchen renovation. All the cottage details you want in a kitchen; white cabinets, open shelving, a custom wood island, and pops of color! How many emojis can you put in one sentence, because today I am using them all! It's the BIG reveal day and I couldn't be more pleased with how our white cottage kitchen renovation turned out! It has been a process fraught with delays and complications, but we persevered and I am so happy to share it with you today! After 5 long months, the last and final pieces were installed this week and we are thrilled with the result. This kitchen has everything I ever dreamed of for a kitchen space. A combination of gray and white cabinets, a farmhouse sink, open and closed shelving, a custom island, a peninsula, a coffee station, a bar nook, and professional appliances. Girl! WE DID IT! PLUS, it has all the cottage charm and pops of color I need to satisfy my decor-loving