White Cottage Kitchen Renovation~ Countertops | White Cottage Home & Living
Ibiza White Quartz countertops add the bright and fresh look I want for my cottage kitchen. Hallelujah! When you've been living the way we have the last few months, you have to celebrate the milestones, or you'll just go crazy! This week, we had a huge milestone in the kitchen.... countertops! Yes, these babies got installed and I'm in love! They are just what I wanted and look even better than they did in the warehouse! An all-white background with just a touch of gray veining to bring together our mix of white and gray cabinets. Countertops In My New Kitchen I got these countertops from a local Cincinnati store. They are Ibiza White Quartz. I decided to go with quartz because I like the uniformity of the slabs and they are easy to maintain. My last kitchen had granite and I loved it also, but this time around I wanted to try something different and a much lighter color. I'm super excited about how they look. When designing the kitchen, I added a peninsula which wasn't there before.