Using Number's in Decor | White Cottage Home & Living
I love using graphic prints in my home. A grouping of different typographical elements becomes an impressive focal point. You can repurpose old signs, board games or even house numbers to make art for your home. I have a letter wall in my bathroom which I did a post on a while back. I love how you can create a look by collecting over time. Each piece than has a story to tell and is more personal to you. On this wall, I used all D's for my last name. Here is the wall. In addition to letters, I also have been playing around with numbers in my decor. I recently put together a piece of wall art with our house number. I bought inexpensive house numbers from Lowes, and pinned them on a burlap covered shadow box frame. Super simple, but cute and meaningful to us. My friend, Kris, used numbers she had found while thrifting and attached them with hot glue to her garage door. Something as simple as this dresses up an otherwise dull door and brings a smile to her face every time she