Using Fall Pastels in our Family Room | White Cottage Home & Living
Pastel Colors Can Work for Fall and I'll Show You How! You may have noticed that my style has changed in this new house. I have embraced a wider color palette than in our previous home. I feel like the style of our home guided me to not only add more color but embrace cooler pastel colors in particular. I love how this looked for spring and summer, but was a little challenged at how to make it work for fall. I typically use rich autumn colors in my seasonal displays. Today, I'm going to share our family room with you and show you how pastel colors worked beautifully in creating a fall feel without having to change up our whole room design. Fall Pastels in our Family Room To begin with, you may recognize this gorgeous custom artwork by Jennifer Collander on our mantel, you can read more about it, here (LINK). It was the first piece of our space that really led us to our color palette and established the look we were going for in the room. To