Craft Ideas-Silhouette Challenge: Kitchen Towels | White Cottage Home & Living
It's time for another craft ideas- Silhouette Challenge. Going into these challenges, I was extremely excited about getting my machine out and dusting it off. When I first purchased it, I had all these grandiose craft ideas of silhouette projects I was going to do, but then life got in the way (doesn't that happen?) Well, doing these monthly challenges was just the motivation I needed to make it happen. Last month, I made a cute Easter egg hunt pail. You can see it, here. This month, I wanted to make something with my silhouette for my kitchen. I've been seeing the cutest black and white towels everywhere I look, so I decided to use my machine and make some of my own for a whole lot less expensive. This was a fun project and turned out really cute! Supplies Needed: Grainsack Towels Silhouette Cameo Machine Silhouette Heat Transfer Material Vinyl in Black Iron Clean White Cloth Silhouette-Craft Ideas Dish Cloth Instructions: Step 1// Using your Silhouette