Salvaged Bench Back Wall Art | White Cottage Home & Living
Today's project starts with a funny story. My daughter, Emma, rides horses so I am often hanging around barns. Recently, I spied a stack of old wood and broken bench pieces out beside the barn. Apparently, these things were waiting for the burn pile. Being the "picker" that I am, I was caught digging through the pile and much to my daughter's embarrassment, soon was loading this bench back into my car. After a whole lot of, "I can't believe you, mom's" I got my prized possession home with me. I had really been looking for a large piece of architecture to hang on my wall above my sofa, so this seemed like the perfect piece. The problem was going to be getting it up there to stay. Would you pass up this pile? Once I got it home, I scrubbed it clean and sanded it down really good. The finish was flaking off and before painting, I wanted to remove all the yuck. Much better! {This post contains affiliate links, see full disclosure here.} I decided to paint it white. I didn't want