Organize Me: Camera Supply Drawer | White Cottage Home & Living
Today I'm sharing a quick Organize Me solution for your camera and camera equipment. If you've been following along for awhile, hopefully, you have noticed that my picture taking skills have improved tremendously from the beginning of the blog! I treated myself for my birthday last year (do you do that? :) ) to a new camera and it's been fun figuring out all it's features and learning how to use it. The more I get into blogging and photography, the more equipment I find myself needing and buying. Up until now, it was all gathered in a drawer, but not organized or easily accessible when I needed it. Who knew that you needed that wide angle lens or those light filters? Maybe need is a strong word, but want, oh ya! I started this quick Organize Me project by gathering all my equipment into one place and dedicating and clearing out a drawer. I chose a large shallow drawer in my office since that's where all the action happens. A