Games & Puzzles We Enjoy For Cozy Winter Days | White Cottage Home & Living
Today I'm sharing some of my favorite games and puzzles that we enjoy during cold winter months. As we are bracing for the coldest week of the year, yikes, I am over here trying to keep us warm and toasty! How is the weather where you are? I hope you are safe and warm. One of our favorite things to do during these long winter months are play games. Grant has really enjoyed games lately and we've recently tried out some new ones that I thought I'd share. Games & Puzzles for Those Cozy Winter Days {This post may contain affiliate links, see full disclosure here.} One of our new favorites is Catan Junior. It's the junior version of the very popular Catan. In this game, the goal is to set up 7 pirates lairs before your opponents. Using resource cards, you build ships and lairs hiding from the Ghost Captain. It's a fun adventure for everyone. Another favorite is Ticket to Ride Junior. Another junior version of a popular board game, Ticket to