Cozy Peaceful Winter Mantel~ Decorate Your Mantel Series | White Cottage Home & Living
A cozy peaceful winter mantel dressed with rustic elements, lanterns, and farmhouse finds perfect for those long snowy days of winter. Hi, friends! I don't know about you, but its about this time of year that I start wishing for warmer weather! It has been a particularly brutal winter here in Ohio so far with severely cold temperatures and lots of snow. It's pretty and all until I have to go out in it! I try my hardest each year to make the house as warm and cozy as I can during these cold months. Since we spend so much time indoors, I want it to feel inviting. Today our Decorate Your Mantel team is back with ideas on how decorate your mantel for winter. I decided to make a few tweaks to my Farmhouse Christmas Mantel Dressed in Candlelight to give it a winter look. Cozy Peaceful Winter Mantel I removed the candles and replaced with black lanterns. The garland that was on the mantel for Christmas was also removed.&nbsp