A Shabby Chic White Mantel | White Cottage Home & Living
A Shabby Chic white mantel dressed in layers of frames creates a beautiful, peaceful look for a bedroom. Hello! I am beginning to think the title of my blog should be "My Life From...." Home Depot, Target, basketball, horse, lol. I feel like I haven't been really "home" much. One of my hopes this year is to spend more time relaxing and enjoying our new home. It has really been a whirlwind since we decided to move. It all happened so fast and I feel like I'm still coming down from the high. As soon as this kitchen reno is finished, I'm going to take a break and read a book! One of my favorite places to do just that was our Farmhouse Master Bedroom we created in our last house. It was the perfect place to retreat from the world and take a break. Let's be honest, we all need that place, right? In this home, we are blessed to have this gigantic master suite which has a fireplace! What a bonus! There's something so calm about watching a fire while curled up in a cozy blanket. It