Heavy Hands Ergonomic Grip Set Complete With 1 LB Add On Weights - Makers Of Heavy Hands® Add On Weights, Grips And Weight Loss Gear
Your Complete Set of Heavhands Grips Includes Four 1 LB add on end weights giving you a total of 3 1/2 LBs in each hand. All AMF Heavyhands add-on weights will fit our ergonomic grips. Each Grip Weighs 1.5 LBS Without Add On Weights. Callus Free Ergonomic Design Allows You To Exercise Longer Nonporous Rubber Won't Absorb Bacteria & Is Easy To Clean Custom Fitted Back Strap To Reduce Grip & Hand Strain The best way to choose the back strap size is to ask your self if you had to buy latex gloves to do cleaning around the house, what size would you buy? You should have a general idea of your hand size whether it's small, medium, large or extra-large. ( Only the back strap that goes around the back of your hand is fitted to size )