Patagonia Yoga Retreat | Chile | Sept 2020 | Yogascapes & WanderfulSoul
OFF THE BEATEN MAT ECO-RETREAT IN TORRES DEL PAINE This Patagonia Yoga Retreat and Eco-Adventure is truly an adventurers fantasy: boating to Grey Glacier, exploring the ancient caves of Mildon, and hiking to one of world’s most famous views overlooking the famous Torres del Paine National Park to feast and revel in the overwhelming beauty of the three gigantic granite monoliths created by the forces of glacial ice. We’ll rest from our daily adventures at Ecocamp Patagonia, where groundbreaking sustainable building design allows for sumptuous comfort and total immersion in the surrounding wilderness simultaneously. Pairing grounding yoga practices with the one-of-a-kind potential for adventure in nature that Patagonia offers will leave you completely rebalanced and re-energized. First 5 guests to sign-up get extra $50 off + Early Bird Pricing ($100 off) Use code at checkout: YSVitina