Acoustic Noise Reduction Panels for Sound Absorption 96 x 80 (8 Ft Tall) - VocalBoothToGo.com
These blankets are designed to cover the whole wall from floor to ceiling for proper acoustic room treatment. Acoustic panels for sound absorption, are made from the Producer's choice sound blanket material. We call them "Acoustic Panels" to point out their best use as wall panels to cancel reverberation from the whole wall from floor to ceiling in one treatment. Noise Reduction efficiency: NRC = 0.8. ( G-75 test). If hang in pleated fashion NRC = 0.95 ( 95% noise reduction). Sound blankets (size 80 x 96 inch) Included in this group are: VB-72 = Black/White – NO Grommets VB-72G = Black/White – WITH Grommets VB-73 = All Black – NO Grommets VB-73G = All Black – WITH Grommets This blanket weighs about 12 pounds each.