Do You Have A Plan? And Is It The Right One? - vo2gogo.com
My good friend, Tristen MacDonald, is not only an amazing actor, but she's a great source of information about what it takes to be successful as a performer - you've seen her in countless TV shows and commercials - she's executing on her plan. She's also closing registration tonight (4/17) on an awesome course she's put together called Actor Business Plan, and we got on Facebook Live the other day to talk about what challenges performers have in achieving any kind of success in a very competitive marketplace. We came to the conclusion that it's not about your talent - that's table stakes, being talented - but rather, it's your business plan. Do you have one? And is it the right one? Here's how to know for sure. (And here's the link to Tristen's course: https://vo2gogo.com/happy)