Build Your Future On Your Own Platform, Not Someone Else's - vo2gogo.com
I'm in the process right now of finalizing some choices for what technology I'm going to be using for the new update of VO2GoGo, and everything is on the table. Included in this is whether or not I want to keep using some technology that is controlled by others. I'm talking Facebook, Google, Wordpress, my hosting service, email and more. I'm even looking at whether or not I'm going to continue with the VO2GoGo brand, in favor of something that's easier to say and spell. I see artists making things potentially hard for themselves when they go the easy, build-your-website-on-someone-else's-platform route, like WIX, SquareSpace, and the like. Sure it's easy. But you're also held hostage. Here's what I mean by that.