Q&A: Coping with Incompetence - Crucial Skills by VitalSmarts
We have a person on our team who is not up to the job. This person is not respected in our team. No one wants to work with him. He sees himself as an expert, but is not. Additionally, he has a pompous attitude. He takes credit for others' work and has been caught doing so by management. He has made our company look like fools to our vendors. His name is used as a threat to other areas in our company: "Be nice or you will have to work with Brian." Recently, our team has been asked to provide two members to a major work effort. Since Brian volunteered, no one else has volunteered. Several of us have voiced our concerns to our manager and his boss. We have provided specific examples of his incompetence. Our vendors don't want to work with him and have also complained to management. We are out of options. Where do we go from here?