Villa Aberson: Starring: Dj Sam Feldt, actor Jeremy Renner and Villa Aberson!!!
It was the best kept secret here in Villa Aberson, but now we can shout it out loud: First, the 5th of October Dj Sam Feldt presents his new single Heaven Don't Have a Name. Second: the famous American actor Jeremy Renner, the Avengers-movies and The Bourne Legacy, is singing on it. And,... and,.... and,.... YESSSS, the new clip will partly be recorded in our house!!!! So, stay tuned….. Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram Single release oct 5th!!! I collaborated with @samfeldtmusic on a new song ... here's a sample !! "Heaven Don't Have a Name" Let me know what you think !!!#moretocome #funtimesahead Een bericht gedeeld door Jeremy Renner (@renner4real) op 13 Sep 2018 om 10:23 (PDT) The movie is directed by Angelo White from Machine Eleven. Chantal Assinck from location office MUCKING AFAZING scouted Villa Aberson.