Fallout 76 | The VGProfessional Review
Fallout 76 is a weird, broken, messy, self-contradictory game. It’s as boring as it’s exciting, as mundane as it is haunting, as uninspired as it is unique, and similar to previous games as it is different. Sometimes when the lighting, the music, and your own mood align just right, for just a fleeting moment, it feels like the Fallout game I really wish it was, but the sheer shoddy quality of the product means I would never recommend this game to anyone. Even beyond the bugs and technical issues, it’s a poorly designed, janky-as-hell game. It has all the wonky combat and gameplay of Fallout but very little of the storytelling and world-building. As a budget-priced Steam early access game released on the down low, this could have been a fun little experiment. But as a tentpole Fallout release at full price with a collector’s edition that was shown off at multiple E3 conferences, Fallout 76 is beyond unacceptable.