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Why are communication skills so important? Good communication skills are essential if you want to find out the information you need to help your patient and client and for you to give your fantastic advice in an understandable way. Hottest Tips: Listening: 'Ear, 'Ear… it's not just about hearing the words. It is about understanding what your client is saying. Speak clearly and confidently: 'I say, I say'…but not loudly or in a dictatorial manner. Looking: 'eye, eye' … look (not stare) at the person you are talking to and make occasional eye-contact. . Avoid using jargon: … That's a Big 10/4 Rubber Duck…. Eh? Express yourself in a manner at the client's level of comprehension, not yours. It's all too easy to think that because you understand what you mean, the client must as well. "Yes, he has a comminuted fracture of the left tibia"…. What's that? Oh, a Broken leg – why didn't you say so? Chat:... a professional natter. Have a friendly conversation your client rather