Unlimited Priorities and Librarian's Yellow Pages Announce Cooperative Venture
Cape Coral, FL (April, 2008) - Unlimited Priorities Corporation, a company specializing in support for organizations within the information industry, has been selected by The Librarian’s Yellow Pages (LYP), the first stop for librarians who are looking for a supplier, to present LYP’s advertising and marketing products and packages to small and midsize prospective clients within the information community.Published since 1994, LYP is the definitive buyer’s guide for the library community and is used daily throughout the year. LYPonline offers searchable access to the regularly updated full text of The Librarian’s Yellow Pages utilizing keyword, company and category search options. INFOcus, LYP’s monthly E-newsletter, delivers library product news, best practices, and advice direct to the desktops of library buyers. Thousands of leads per issue are forwarded to INFOcus advertisers.