WOD 02.13.16
Tabata 5m shuttle x2, rest 2 min between rounds (1 Tabata is 8 intervals)WOD: “Couples Therapy” Complete the following in teams of 2, only 1 athlete working at a time, non working athlete must hold 50/40lb ball. For time: 20 rounds, alternating rounds, athletes must pause if partner “drops the ball”: 3 burpees 6 over the shoulder Medball cleans 50/40lbs 9 sit-ups Post teams time to beyond the whiteboard. CrossFit Ruck Ruck Wars 50m overhead seated ruck pass vs Log PT —– 10/7/5:00 rounds / Ascending ladder of reps – Ground to overhead – Burpee 2:00 rest between rounds Increase load each round