“FORGED FRIDAY” Since the birth of the United States over 200 years ago, more than 42 million American men and women have served in times of conflict. Today is Forged Friday. On this day, New Species CrossFit athletes W.O.D. to honor and remember the generations of U.S. armed forces veterans who have sacrificed to protect our country and its freedoms. God Bless America. WarmUp: ·2m Achilles Plank ·30/20/30 Fx WarmUp x3 rds of: ·Bear Crawl ·Para Plyo Jump ·Lateral Shuffle BuyIn/CashOut: 500m Row FTx W.O.D. #1 *9m AMRAP ·Clean x1 (95/65) ·F-Squat x10 ·P-Press x5 ·PullUp x5 W.O.D. #2 *8m AMRAP ·GST x10 ·HR PushUp x5 ·B-Fly SitUp x5 Post row time and rounds to comments.