Forged Friday 
CorrectionToday is Forged Friday at New Species CrossFit. This is our day to honor those who protect and serve this free country of ours. On this day we will train in order to honor one of our own. It is our great pleasure that we get to congratulate Don Studt. Chief, as we know him, is retiring as the Birmingham, Michigan Police Chief after having served on the force for 42 years. The New Species Tribe tips it’s hat to you Sir! Thank you for all your years of service and sacrifice. From all of us at New Species, congratulations on 42 years! Always remember to support our Troops and First Responders. God Bless America! WarmUp 2m AP x3 Rds of: x12 Pass Through x12 Toe Touch x12 OHS x12 Hollow Rock *All movements performed with PVC BuyIn FTx: 2 rounds of: 42 Calorie Partner Row (Split the work) WOD FIVE 3-minute rounds of as many rounds/reps as possible of: x4 KB Lunge (70/53/35) *x2 ea. side x8 Alt. RKBS x12 SDHP *Rest 1 minute between rounds. Pick up where you left off after each round for total round/rep count.