What's Up This Week - Dec 13 - Dec 19, 2004 - Universe Today
Greetings fellow SkyWatchers! This week starts off on an exciting note as one of the most prolific and predictable meteor showers of the year happens tonight - the Geminids! Thanks to the one-day old Moon, this year dark skies could produce as many (or more!) as 100 meteors per hour during peak times. Think that's enough for one week? Then think again... Comet C/2004 Q2 Macholz is smoking up the southern skies and has become the premier object of December! As much as I hate to say it, the Moon is back again but that doesn't mean that we can't take the time to do some "shallow sky" work and explore lunar features. As always, there are things here for all observers, so join me on the dark side...Because here's what's up!