What's Up This Week - Dec 6 - Dec 12, 2004 - Universe Today
Greetings fellow sky watchers. This will be an exciting week for both hemispheres! Our own solar system continues to put on a wonderful show before dawn and the Moon will occult Jupiter for a substantial portion of North America on December 7. The Southern Hemisphere is favoured for four meteor showers, as the Phoenicid, Puppid-Velid, Monocerotid and Sygma Hydrids all peak during this week. For evening observers, Comet Tucker reaches perihelion, as well as Comet Tsuchinshan for the early morning. Other high "lights" for the week include viewing two southern globular clusters (M30 and M2), a look into one of our galactic neighbors as we locate the M33, an introduction to stellar spectra and two unusually colorful planetary nebulae. As always, you will find things of interest here for all observers, be it with binoculars, telescopes, or just with your eyes. So look forward to this week's dark skies and let me take you higher...Because here's what's up!