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[ad_1] Computer Science is a field in which the half of the population of the world wants to excel it. There is nothing unfair right? Because the computer technology has shaped our modern world. It is an exciting and challenging field to excel. We have the internet, the smartphones, iPhones, different medical technology, etc. This is all because of the computing technology. It has contributed a vast to the world. Master of Computer Science is a post-graduate degree undertaken by many students. The program has a wide array of modules that includes programming, data analytics, software development, applied communications, database design, etc. If you are thinking of the US Universities for MS in CS, it would be the best decision. Because the Universities in the US offers the best Computer Science degree. The country has world-leading universities. Every year a large number of students come to the place to pursue computer science. Importance of Computer Science: In this 21st century,