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[ad_1] When application time rolls around, college admissions officers have a huge, daunting task ahead of them. They must sift through thousands and thousands of sheets of paper to try and spot the small percentage of students that meet their personal, subjective set of qualifications. Here are several tips on how to ensure that you'll be selected into that group.1. Be original so you can stand out.Before selecting the subject on which to write your paper, ask yourself these questions: What is the craziest, most intense, or most incredible thing that's ever happened to me? What did I learn from it? Why am I different than everyone in my high school class? What do people not understand about me?Answer these questions and use your best, most creative answer as a foundation for your essay. Such an essay is bound to impress application officers much more than a simple description of your championship basketball game, that one time you helped an old woman cross the street, or the day you