What's in my bag? @trendymommies edition | trendy mommies
I have many, many, many pocketbooks. I change them up each season but I mostly love my Louis Vuitton neverfull In the summer I carry a few Vineyard Vines purses too. It's always a change up! I usually try to keep my bag light but here are some must haves in my bag right now: Wallet - this small size is my favorite as it can fit in my big and small purses! Starbucks card - usually I have the app but sometimes someone nice will give me a gift card! Readers, a book and a cute, small notebook to write stuff down - yes I still carry a notebook and still have a hard copy calendar! Shout wipes - just in case! Dental Floss - although I like those tooth pick like flossers A small bag - this cute zippered one (which I think I bought at TJ Maxx is actually a pencil case - I like it as it is slim and small) and has all my lip glosses and pens in them so they don't explode. My favorite line of lipsticks and gloss are from beautycounter and Jane Iredale Phone chargers of course are a must have