Vita Liberata self tanning lotion | trendy mommies
Now that the warmer weather is here (and bathing suit season is here as well) a little color on your skin from a bottle would be a nice! Self-tanning from a bottle has changed over the years and it's more natural looking now as many companies have come up with their own formulations for tanning lotion. What I like best about Vita Liberata is their anti-aging benefits in the lasting tinted tan lotion and the luxury gradual build face tan lotion. They are both self-tanners but with anti-aging benefits all in one. Unlike other self-tanning lotions which fade after a few days this one lasts (going on a week so far!) The tinted tan lotion gives an instant bronze look and then develops into a tan over 4-8 hours. It also dries pretty quickly. It also seems to fade more naturally then other self-tanners, plus there is no odd smell and it is moisturizing. Make sure you use their tanning mitt as it helps to smooth out the lotion and you will not have tanner on your hands. (it does dry quickly