New Products from Clarins | trendy mommies
I was very excited to be invited to see the new Spring 2014 Color Collection from Clarins as well as test out some of their new products. Clarins beauty expert Christopher Truffa explained the products, tips and techniques for beautiful skin. Clairins has unique beauty products that offer great skin benefits. Here are my favorites! Golden Glow Booster - This is the newest in self-tanning innovation. You add three drops to any moisturizer and your skin will transform beautifully into a nice sun-kissed glow. No self-tanner smell, an even glow and a more natural looking, healthy tan - for the face only. Haven't we been asking for this for years?? Double Serum - This anti-aging treatment is used before your moisturizer and has 20 plant extract to stimulate your skin's vital functions and prolong it's youthful appearance. Yes! Have been asking for this too! Your skin will feel so smooth after just using this for a day. Opalescence collection - As I get older I noticed my skin is dryer