A mommy tactic backfired! | trendy mommies
I have done it several times very successfully but this time I was caught! That's right, on an occasional night out I have put both my children to bed a bit early then had the babysitter arrive after they are "sleeping" (this time they really weren't sleeping). It just seems easier as sometimes they get all excited and can be a challenge getting to bed. Made sense to me! I admit at times I have "turned" the clock back a half-hour just to get them to sleep a bit early. This time both my 6 and 9 year old knew something was up - mom and dad sneaking into the other room, whispering, texting, etc. Both girls went to sleep very nicely and then I knew something was up! They were so cute though as I heard them, preparing to catch me asking me why I had earrings on when I was going to bed and "is that make up you are wearing"? When the sitter arrived I left for just a couple hours up the street to a neighborhood party to meet my husband. When I came home I heard from the sitter that they