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Well…not totally yet…..So after the whole baby shampoo incident – yes I am still talking about that! I went to my local networking luncheon and there was a great speaker who told us about this wonderful site So for the last few weeks I've been talking to everyone I know and obsessing a bit about checking ALL of my beauty products (and you know me - I have a ton of them!) It rates your products from 1-10; 10 being the worst in terms of having a lot of chemicals, etc. As long as you don't have all your daily products a 10 you should be find but it is interesting to log on and see that your favorite product is a 9! So onto my list for the things I have changed – deodorant, liquid hand soap, kids shampoo and many scented body lotions. Hand soap – most all contain some sort of fragrance so they are a big offender. So I have tried Dr. Bronner's Magic soap and Jason satin soap which is still listed as a 5 but has no Lauryl sulfates