How to Set Homepage in Android Browser
Android is a highly customizable platform which allows a user to tweak many features. Some of you wish to set certain websites as your homepage. You should know that Google is the default homepage for most browsers. Every browser comes with its search or homepage. Lately, browsers started to set search engines as their homepages. Due to this reason, there isn't an option to change the default homepage, but anyhow you can customize your search engine. Fortunately, there is one default android browser which allows the user to change the default homepage. In the default browser, you need to do the following: Open the browser and navigate to settings from the options menu. From the settings menu, find the homepage option. You can enter any website you want to be set as the homepage. If your phone doesn't have any default browser and uses chrome as the default browser, these steps will guide you to change the search engine. This method works similar to most popular browsers like Mozilla