[Fixed] Windows Module Installer Worker High Cpu Usage
Windows Module Installer Worker: Windows module installer checks for the new updates from the Windows and installs them on your computer if your system needs installation, modification, and removal of windows updates and optional components according to this service description, this windows module get work. Windows module installer is otherwise called as the Tiworker.exe which is nothing but the one part of the operating system where this is the one part of the window update or the other window component, if you close this window update it will affect your system in the form two ways of pushes the disk usages to 100% and this will cause the system to get hang. And finally the system won't work, and these issues does not resolve by itself, and you should have to keep in mind this won't occur due to the virus, this is not a virus, this is not the application that you able to uninstall and install it is one part the component of pc. Check the CPU Usage and How to fix Windows Module