FIXED : Snaphcat keeps logging me out? repeatedly
SnapChat keeps logging me out repeatedly? And also your SnapChat account has been locked temporarily? If u are facing this issue means, don't worry mostly 40 to 50 percent of the SnapChatters are facing this issue on their ios device. Let us discuss here, what are all the various possible solutions to get rid of this issue. And also keep in mind this is faced most probably by the ios users than the Android users. Let us see, what are all the various alerts that we will receive from the SnapChat app as a User. The SnapChat log out users by, Oh, no your account is temporarily locked Your account has been permanently locked Some will receive an email from the SnapChat The network you are connected is temporarily blocked because of suspicious activity. First of all should get clear that SnapChat is not like Facebook or Instagram that we can get login in and log out from various device. For SnapChat we have to use a single device to login and log out. It has some kind of security policy.