Best 8 NES Emulators for Windows OS 2019
In the world of gamers, there is a wide range of possibilities to play games, even the discontinued versions of them. Here are a few NES emulators which are up to their standards. RockNES One of the best emulators in the market is RockNES. It is still supported by the developer and gets frequent updates and bug fixes. It works smoothly and has the right amount of features compared to other emulators in the market. Advantages: Well built graphics for PC support. Adjustable screen size and full HD support. Exclusive Eagle mode which enhances the usability to a whole. This is one of the modern emulators available in the market. Dolphin I would consider this emulator to be worthy of its second rank in this list because of these following features. Advantages: Active developer support and updates roll out frequently. Fullscreen and HD support Nintendo wifi link. Available in Mac and Linux also (native windows support). Disadvantages: Driver bug with NVIDIA graphics on the DirectX. D3D