In the words of Yuan Feng: "Different sectors need to work together to fight domestic violence" | Transcendent Media Capital
Feng Yuan, from China. Co-founder of Equality, a Beijing NGO dedicated to women's rights and gender equality. Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown Our organization uses many approaches to fight violence against women. One is research and analysis. For example, we research how the media covers domestic violence and how the court defines it. Another area of our work is "capacity building". we help people understand domestic violence and the degree of danger that victims face. Some people think only physical abuse is domestic violence, and we explain to them that there are other kinds of violence too. Some members of the police do not think that one-time physical abuse is domestic violence. They think abuse has to happen for a long time for it to be considered violence. We try to inform the public and the police. We also have a helpline where we women experiencing domestic violence can call to get information and support. We see domestic violence in all social classes, in both urban and