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When you need sunshine you can't necessarily rely on the UK. Having put around 18 months into developing and prototyping our first round of sunglasses, we needed a photoshoot to show them being worn out there in the real world. For this we looked to somewhere only a few hours from sunny Glasgow, Madrid. A 3 hour flight later we're on the ground, on the Metro, then at our apartment in the very colourful Malasana neighbourhood. Our mission.. to work with 10 lovely Madrid natives with whom we'd organised to meet over a 3 day period and get a variety of photo content for the likes of advertising, social media and the website. Things we learned: -Madrid can get HOT. -We're a lot more organised that we gave ourselves credit for. -Becoming night owls to edit photos leaves us seriously exhausted on returning to the UK. -Cabify is the Spanish Uber and is rather good. -Ross doesn't like the heat.