Yellow Fever: a rebuttal |
This is how I feel right now. chaztherazzle said: I’ve got tha yellow fever cause of you Tracy! And I answered: What the hell is wrong with you?! Ugh. I get this kind of question/comment way more often than I want to admit, and I usually ignore them. But today I felt a need to respond. I’ve talked about this issue on my blog before, and I guess I thought that would be enough, but clearly it’s going to be an ongoing issue. And that’s ok. I’ve got plenty of time to explain this. But for fuck’s sake, it gets tiring. Look. I am Asian-American. It’s pretty obvious. I was raised in a very traditional way, partly here and partly in the country where I was born. My family wanted me to grow up to be their version of The Perfect Child, according to the standards of the culture they came from. And yes, I’ll admit that I do actively participate in some of the things my family wants me to, even as an adult, though I’ve broken with most of the traditions I was raised with (obviously–I’m a porn star). But, no, I’m not going to list the [...]