The family question |
The Family. My Family. People send me questions alllllll theeee tiiiiiime about my family. “How does your family feel about you doing porn?” “Does your mom know about you?” “Do you still talk to your family?” I don’t answer those questions. Or, at least, I didn’t. Because, fuck. I have other things to do. But people keep asking. So here’s the answer: My family is probably different from your family. When you think of a family, I’ll bet you a whole truckload of cash that what you picture doesn’t resemble than what qualifies as mine. I’m not going to go into detail, but the closest living family member that I know of is my grandfather, and he’s… not… um… We’re not close. We used to be. He raised me, basically. But he was a hardass. He taught me to be strong and gave me really strict tutelage in a lot of things that I’m glad to know about today. But it wasn’t easy. His… um… friends… were a tough gang, and I had to learn early how to get along on my own, to impress them, to take charge of things. These days we keep our distance from each other. [...]