Stop judging my robot! |
flibadijibbit93 said: What the hell is that thing? Is that a cyborg? And I answered: What the hell? Cyborgs don’t exist. Like I said before, this is my experimental AI robot toy from Japan. Technically it’s not a toy, but I can’t really call it a pet which is kind of more how I treat it because it is TOTALLY NOT ALIVE at all whatsoever. It’s a robot. He’s talking about the photo from my last post, btw: Cyborgs! Pffft. WhatEVER. Like I’d have a cyborg, even if they DID exist which they totally don’t. At all. And anyway even if they did exist–which they don’t–why would I have one? And wouldn’t it look like more of a person than a lump of goo on legs? Seriously what do you have against scientists? Don’t you think they could do better than that? I mean not that there’s anything wrong with my robot pet. He’s beautiful in his own way. Or it is. I mean it is beautiful in its own way. It just doesn’t look like what I’d think a cyborg would look like, that’s all. Weirdo. Stop judging my robot. To get a feel for who I am, explore [...]