Personhood and Cyborgs and Animals and Pr0n Stars |
As a cam girl and pornographer, I find that people sometimes think I’m less than a whole person. I don’t really see it happen often because most of my fans are coworkers are really great people, but every now and then a comment about how I’m a dirty whore, or deserve to have violent things happen to me, or must have abused as a child, or any number of other ridiculous, mean, and out-of-context appears. It’s really stupid. I mostly ignore them and focus on the many supportive, thoughtful, and beautiful people out there who like my work. But it got me to thinking about what constitutes “whole personhood.” Right? So if being a “normal” person who doesn’t make sex part of their career… like being a banker or something… makes a person worthy of being treated like a human… What does that mean for the rest of us? How about those of us who really like sex but are too scared of the jerks lurking on the internet to be public about it? Wouldn’t that be most of us? Or does being enthusiastic about sex automatically remove our personhood? (I’m talking hypothetically, mostly. Obviously it doesn’t. But to the [...]