Feminist? |
Ok, some of you totally freaked out about my post the other day where I said I’m not really a feminist but I’m kind of a feminist. Let me just tell everyone to calm the fuck down and explain some things. I’m not your typical porn star, ok? I don’t think all porn stars are the same, but there’s definitely a stereotype about women who do porn being uneducated, unintelligent, desperate drug addicts with histories of sex abuse by their uncles or whatever. Don’t get me wrong–there are probably some porn stars out there who match this stereotype perfectly, and I feel really bad for them. It would suck to be in that position, and I’d love to help anyone I can who wants to get out of it. (Seriously, e-mail me. Let’s talk.) But dude! I’m not that type of porn star. I’m also not the type of porn star who got into making porn for political reasons. There are some of those out there, too, and they’re awesome for being strong-minded and wanting to effect change. ROCK ON. But that’s not really me. Ok? What I am is a porn star who does what she does because she [...]